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你好,如果你在這裡,也許我的影片有帶給你歡笑w 謝謝你XD 這裡有遊戲、開箱及各種不同性質的影片,希望你會喜歡 如果你想了解更多的我,可以到我的Facebook看看,點個讚 ►http://facebook.com/zynxyz 廠商想合作的話,歡迎透過EMAIL跟我聯絡 ►zynxyz@yahoo.com.tw ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, my name is Zyn. I'm a Taiwanese youtuber, gamer, creator. Hope you enjoy the videos and have many laugh with them. Don't forget to subscribe me and give me a Like, I'll be very appreciate! If you want to know more about me, you can write an EMail or though the message on facebook. I expect your feedback. ►http://facebook.com/zynxzyzzynxyz@yahoo.com.tw

語言: 中文
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